I had a heart attack in 2010. What a wake-up call that is! But it helped me turn my life around.

Like a lot of people, maybe you, I was working a regular 70+ hours a week, juggling family time and work… that meant I wasn’t taking care of myself or my family (except financially). Late night suppers of pizza / burgers, skipping meals, extra coffee / donuts, not enough sleep, no fitness program… I was just a disaster waiting to happen.

Then BOOM! Out of the blue I had a heart attack!

When I was in the operating room waiting for the surgeon to “repair me” – I was scared silly!

I made a promise to God: I promised if I was given another chance, I would take better care of myself and family, balance back in my life …and to share my story with anyone that would listen in hopes they might make better choices in their life.  And as if that that weren’t enough – my wife had somehow become pre-diabetic shortly after my heart attack.


I did a lot of soul searching and research as I recovered and over the next months. I started by making
small changes all around my life – cutting back my work hours, spending quality time with my family, appreciating life, devoting 30 minutes a day on personal development, getting back into some mild fitness programs and learning more about nutrition and good health.

For us – USANA Health Sciences became a big part of what helped us turn our life around through better healthy habits, good nutrition and letting me bring balance back to my life – even an additional income stream.

Today – both my wife and I enjoy good health, a balanced live and love/enjoy each other and our family more than ever before.
If any of this sounds like something you would like in your life, or you want better health, a better work balance, better personal relationships or just talk – I WANT TO HELP YOU.

I am a REAL person here to serve you – If you have any questions just contact me.

I would love to learn more about you – Let’s set up a 1-on-1 phone or Skype call Book a One-On-One Call.

“Live life and Love it”

Ernie Bilodeau

Meet our staff

Ernie Bilodeau

Ernie Bilodeau

  • 25 years – Corporate America Fortune 50 companies (Information Technologies)
  • 15 years – Treasurer/Secretary Advanced Home Tutoring LLC
  • 4 years – Owner Computer Repair Franchise
  • Radio Show Producer
Diana Bilodeau

Diana Bilodeau

  • 25 years in Preventive Dental Health
  • 15 years President – Home Education Systems, Inc.
  • Weight Management Workshops

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