good nutrition- people-with-foodThe market is being flooded with medication. No matter where you look, there’s an advertisement for an unnecessary pill staring you in the face. It’s on TV, billboards, internet- basically any medium you can think of. The question is, why should you resort to medicines when there are perfectly efficient and natural methods to strengthen your immune system against diseases?

Now is the time to boost your immune system against colds and flu that the weather brings along so generously. Immunity boosting foods and nutritional supplements are in themselves are often enough to help prevent you against the annoying common cold, flu and other diseases while keeping your body safe from side effects of strong medication meant to help you.

Here are just a couple of simple suggestions to start:

• Vitamin C plays a vital role in kicking the common cold and winter related diseases to the curb. It is extremely easy to include this amazing vitamin in your diet as it is present in a lot of easily available foods such as citrus fruits like oranges, grape fruit; kiwifruits, broccoli, cabbage, parsley etc.

• Another important mineral for the improvement of your overall health, especially your immune system, is Zinc. Commonly found in all types of meat, Zinc is a beneficial yet tasty part of your diet that keeps evil germs away.

• Take a high quality, supplemental antioxidant

• Garlic is known to fight bacteria and increasing antioxidant levels, the intake of garlic should be a must as soon as the fight signs of winter appear. Drink garlic tea, add garlic shavings to your cooked meals, or use the delicious ingredient to add flavour and health to any food of your choice- just make it a part of your diet!

• Use the highest quality multi-vitamins supplements you can find (caution on this one – you’ll have to research various alternatives a bit – I use the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplement)

Our bodies are amazing. Help your body’s self healing abilities. Remember, immunity building foods that don’t just prevent you against diseases, but also strengthen your body for the times to come. Don’t let yourself become a victim to the side effects of often unnecessary medication and make a decision.

Keep in mind, not all foods and supplements were created equally. Do your research then: Eat good natural foods and add high quality nutritional supplements to your menu to stay healthy.